Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly pics of Stella so far!

Family Pics!

Stellas newborn pics!

Stella's Birth Story(finally)!!

Ok, i know im so far behind! Things have been a little hectic around my house!

SO November 1st was my Cerclage removal, i went home and slept all day. Adam went to school that night and i was contracting but nothing bad. Around 9pm i kept getting sharp pains so i thought maybe we should just go in and be checked out. We took Kennedy to my moms house and headed to the hospital. When we got there we parked in back and far away so i could walk to get my contractions going better, i did not want to be sent home! We got upstairs and they got me right into a room, i undressed the nurse came and asked me questions then checked me. I was 2.5cm that morning right after the cerclage removal, when she checked me i was 3.5cm almost 4cm! YAY! SO she called my drs partner and asked what he wanted us to do. He said to check me again in an hr and see if i was progressing but either way id be staying until i delivered! yippee! I was contracting ever 2 to 3 mins which i had no clue! I have such a high pian tolerance they dont really phase me! She checked me an hr later and i was a good 4cm! I called my mom and she had Adams grandparents come get Kennedy so she could come up and be there for the delivery! Adam went down to greet her around 1130pm and right when they got back up i was getting ready for my epidural already! After i had that placed i was a good 6cm and the resident broke my water. I starting stalling out so i got pitocin to help get my contractions going again. I tried to sleep which didnt work too well, my heartrate was through the roof which concerened them al little so i tried to relax which was difficult. Around 3am or so i was 8cm. Then they had me sit up in bed to try and get her to drop more, and her heartrate dropped very low. So much so a few other nurses came running in to see if they could help my nurse out. They had me lay on my left which didnt help too much then my right then back to my left until finally her heartrate stabilized thank goodness! I was getting scared, they did end up putting an internal probe on her head to measure her heartrate better. Around 5am i was completely dilated and they called my dr to come. I had to push so bad but i resisted which was hard to do! At 530am my dr showed up and i began to push,we were all joking that maybe she would be born at 605 am the same time Kennedy was! As i started to push i could feel NOTHING which sucked! I couldnt tell what i was doing! Then my contractions started to space out for some reason so they started to pitocin again and at 607am i delivered a healthy screaming 6lb 7oz baby girl we named Stella Blue! SHe came out screaming! She looked just like Kennedy only with tons of RED hair! I was in love instantly!They cleaned and bathed her in the room i breastfed then they wheeled us to postpardum.

The hospital stay was longer than expected. Since she was born under 37 weeks they have to do a carseat study, which is where they put the baby in the carseat with an oxygen sensor and heart monitor on and they have to stay for 90 mins, the respitory thearapist does them in the nursery or NICU. They had to do it with Kennedy too so i knew what to expect or so i thought! The nurse came in after the test and said she failed! She turned blue and quit breathing! I broke down, i was so scared, it took them 40 seconds to get her back to being ok again, talk about scary! She said they would retest the next day. Thursday afternoon they retested and she failed AGAIN! She did the same thing as the first time. I was worried she had a heart problem or apneia, they assured me no she didnt but they thought she was refluxing during the test so they started her on acid reflux meds. They would retest her again Friday afternoon but they had to discharge me. They discharged me and they sent her to the pediatric floor where she had her own room and i just stayed with her in there for the night and day. Friday came and they retested that afternoon and they did it in my room which i was nervous about. She did good during it, the monitor did go off 2 tomes but she came right back and was fine, and she PASSED! 3rd time was the charm i guess! She did have high billi so they sent us home on a billi blanket. I was just happy to go home!She weighed 5lbs 11ozs. We had been there since MOnday night and didnt get home till Friday around 8pm! Talk about a long stay! Plus i missed Kennedy she had to have been so confused! The next morning on Saturday the home health care nurse came and checked her out and drew blood and her billi had gone down so she got to come off of her lights!She was 6lbs that day. I had to take her to her dr that tuesday the 9th for her 1 week appt. She weighed 6lbs 40zs at that appt. She was checked out and was doing great, and gaining weight back! Yay Stella! My next appt was for her 2 weeks.She was 7 lbs 12 ozs at that appt! She is 6 weeks old already! Oh my how time flies! I will post some pics of her! Shes such a sweet baby! Her next appt is January 5th for her 2 month appt.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cerclage removal 11-01-10

This morning was my cerclage removal. I must say i was super nervous. I think its worse that i knew what to expect, and last time was not in any way a good expirenece. She cam in and we got started, she could see my whole stitch. SHe just cut and pulled and it all pulled out at once! I did freak out, since it hurt SUPER bad, but at least it came out quickly! Afterwards she checked me and i was 3.5cm and 90% and she can feel her head! Then she stripped my membranes and i got to go home. Ive been contracting all day but just not enough to go in yet! Im hoping its soon. With Kennedy i was in labor for 3 days after which sucked! So im hoping maybe tmr i will go! I cannot wait to me her!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some of Kennedys 2 yr pics!

Maternity Pics! 34 1/2 weeks!

36 Weeks Belly!

Getting BIG!!!

35 Weeks appt & Belly!

So at my 35 week appt, babys heartrate was good. I was dilated to 1.5cm,90% effaced, with my stitch still in!!Yikes!!We re scheduled for the removal for November 1st! Kennedys birthday! She thinks we might have her that day! Since im already dilated now she thinks ill be 4cm when it comes out! Im a little anxious about the removal,Kennedys didnt go so well so im praying it does this time. I also got my maternity pics back and some of Kennedys 2yr pics, which she was mad most of the time we were trying to take them so we went back last week to re take some of her. I will get those back in a week or so.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

34 Week drs appt

So i had my 34 week appt on the 18th, it was supposed to be a regular visit and my group B test. Well the week before i had some minor bleeding and i could feel my stitch pulling and it hurt! I didnt call since i have been through this before i knew what it was, and it went away so i didnt worry. Well i told her this at my appt and she wanted to check my stitch. So she did and found out my stitch is still in place, my cervix has not healed over the stitch like it had with Kennedy (woo Hoo)but i did have a Bac inf. so im on antibiotics for that. Then she wanted to see if i was dilated and sure enough i am 1cm and almost all the way thinned out and she can feel her head! yikes! I wasnt expecting to hear that! I didnt even know i could dilate with my stitch still in! That never happened with Kennedy, so it threw mw for a loop! She told me to go to the hospital if i got contractions or had any bleeding. I go back next Monday, im hoping she checks me again, i was so flustered i forgot to ask her after that appt. Ive been in so much pain this last week from my stitch and my contractions, im just trying to keep her in till this Friday the 29th when i will be 36 weeks. she doesnt think i will make it to my scheduled cerclage removal which is Novemeber 8th. Im hoping to make it till the 1st and i have a drs appt that day so maybe she will take them out then. I will have to see what happens Monday!

I dont have any belly pictures for 34 weeks because i got my maternity pictures taken last Tuesday the 19th! I planned them in good time! So i will share once i get them back! I cant wait to see them!eek!

33 Weeks and Kennedys Birthday Party!

So not much happened at 33 weeks, besides being busy! We decided awhile ago to have Kennedys 2nd Birthday Party early so that we could have it outside and also before the baby came, since i am due 2 days after i was with her! Unfourtanatley my father in law became very sick, he had heart failrue and he lives in California, so Adam had to take an emergency flight to go see him. So i was on my own for her party! We had a good time though, she got tons of stuff and had fun! We will celebrate her actual birthday on November 1st which is her birthday! We will go out to eat and she can open our gifts to her and also im going to buy her a small cake for her to have! Here are some pictures from her party!

Pumpkin Patch!!

32 Week Appt

I know im so far behind on posting! Things have been a little crazy here lately!
At my 32 week appt. I had my last U/S! I cannot even believe it! This was a 3hr appt! It wasnt meant to be but it was! First off the US tech kept measureing her and measuring her, she was freaking me out! Come to find out she was doing that becasue the baby was so big! She was weighing 5lbs 1oz at 32w 3 days! Holy crap! So that took a long time, then she couldnt get a measurement of my cervix because her head is so low. SO i had to wait for my dr to come in and re measure her to make sure she really was that large first of all and to see if she could get my cervix. Yep she really is that big! They told me at 40 weeks she would be 10lbs!! WOW! Then she still couldnt see my cervix so i had to have the dumb trans vaginal U/S. My cervix was 3.2cm so still good, her head is just right there pushing on it! I only gained a pound at that appt. Her heart rate was good, 141bpm and shes still being shy and not letting us see her little face! I guess i will see it soon enough anyways! Heres my 32 week belly! Im feeling huge!

It has been so nice here still i cant believe it! We took Kennedy to the pumpkin patch which she loved of course! She enjoyed it much more this year than last! I also had my baby shower which turned out great! I had a good time! I feel more prepared for her to be here now!